We share and produce art and media that is alternative to the overly-commercial and the mainstream.

This is an attempt to balance out the commercial bombardment we all receive every day.

We will try to observe all idea’s (mainstream or not) and endlessly work on ways to give alternative idea’s (art and media) a platform and spread this as much as possible.

[Graffiti Photography Opera Contemporary Carving Street dance Electronic music Handy crafts Acoustic music Tattoo Dada Underground Printing Classical Pop music Film Oil painting Fashion Ballet Casting Weaving Hip-hop Film Minimalism Textiles Gaming Radio Flyering Film Pop music Poster making Blogging Electronic music Newspaper Advertising Spotify Television Viral video Google Photography Internet Pay-per-view Leaflets CCTV Journalism Youtube Zines Underground music Facebook Press Network theory Internet Eco-systems Organisation Spotify Economy Google Business Sponsorship Public relations Enterprise Social networking Corporate Facebook Email Advertising Creative scotland Monopoly Complexity Simplification News corp. Internet Oligopoly News international LanguageNetwork theory Princes trust Corporate Network science IT Conglomerates UN DemocracyNews corp. Sociology Democracy Continent and countries Public Business Sport Tyranny People Western world]

Follow our Facebook and share something you find relevant. http://www.facebook.com/solrevoevo

Any advice or questions, please email:



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