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Anaheim, California – Apparent state of emergency?

Apparently Anaheim in California is in a state of emergency. We have supposed reports, photo’s and video’s of army in the streets, police brutality and violation of residents. I have found reports on the situation from the Huffington Post and some video footage from the CNN with no actual reporting. But from what I gather it bares a striking resemblance to England last year.

The report’s and video’s have been coming through in dribs and drabs and even my attempt at googling the situation for any official reports on how it has escalated to military presence on the streets of the ‘Land of the Free’ have brought me nothing other than all the information I need on the Anaheim Salvation Army.



Crazy-ass Conspiracy Fruit Bars or COD Video Game Shame?

Some people write off conspiracies without giving them the light of day. Some take an interest and say things like “hmm… bit weird that is.” Others are the ‘crazy-ass conspiracy fruit bars’ we know so well. (They tend to be portrayed  as stoner’s, who just happen to be failures at everything else in life, or the a guy who looks like a Willie Nelson who’s let himself go and spouting something about Roswell and anal probes.)

If you fall into any of these categories or occupy a grey area somewhere in between or on the outskirts, there may be one thing most people can agree upon… that is you should probably take some of with a pinch of salt and the rest should be questioned and scrutinised until the truth proceeds. Keep in mind, this tactic should be adopted wherever the source of information, mainstream news or not.

What is interesting however is how more and more often, the ‘crack-pot’ conspiracies are working their way on to more respected and ‘mainstream’ (if you like) channels.

Does this mean there may be more truth to them than previously thought, if such media outlets are picking up on stories they would have once held at arms length for fear of loosing respectability?

If this is the case, then should we be worried, considering the two stories that inspired this post? They concern the loss of basic human rights and freedom that only Orwell’s number 1 fan (fo’eva) would have the balls to speak about these type of acts happening so soon.

Case study number 1:

I had heard about this from various sources but seemed to be hear’say. There is now legitimacy surrounding the bizarre claims.

Why is Anonymous in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Materials?

“… at several points in Call of Duty’s promotional materials, a Guy Fawkes mask appears. Each time it does, it seems to be identified with a hacker “enemy.” The main plot from the game concerns hackers taking control of unmanned weapons in a near-future scenario.”

A protestor dressed in a Guy Fawkes/V for Vend...

Peaceful protesters being equated to dangerous dissidents of the government?

‘Yeah, but it’s just a game and it’s not as if the government is even worried these anti-establishment types.’

Case study 2:

Pentagon prepares re-education camps for political activists.

Whatever your own verdict, at least you’ve read/watched this and come to your own decision. Continue to do so and question everything. Just try to avoid turning into a stereotype.

Art: Is it all me, me, me?

If your looking for an answer to this question, I will tell you now. I do not know for sure but I can offer an opinion. We would know the answer if we could figure out an even deeper routed philosophical question. Is there such a thing as a selfless act?

I’m not even going to bother with ins and outs of that specific question. Bringing it back to question in the title, the answer is NO. Art is not all me, me, me. Though many artists would have you believe otherwise.

An artists work (an embodiment of their ideas) are in my opinion, a balance between the internal (self, ego, interpretation, opinion etc) and the external (everything else in the world that influences us). This balance may vary dramatically.

Even the best attempts at making selfless work still have some sort of artistic input. The Boyle family still chose darts to throw, a map to hit and the medium of casting.

Social and political art is by nature, swaying towards the external. Of course there will always be the influence of the internal and critics will often use this to undermine social, political or protest art (as well as other criticism), but what is prevalent is that not all art is me, me, me. There are people out there making art on the basis that they want to help influence mindsets or make a comment that goes beyond exploring ‘me’, some existential question or art in itself.

Now I want to make, encourage and spread social, political, ‘external’ art (and media) and maybe the subconscious part of me knows that it’s because I want to feel good in myself at some level, but I know I do so because I feel the world needs to see an alternative side other than being presented everyday. Though this could be argued against purely on number of ‘I’s in the previous sentence. Or even more so, based on the fact that I linked my own blog when mentioning the Boyle family.

What I do know is I will continue to show/make etc work based on the influence of others on me and then hopefully me on others so that in the end people can make their own, democratic decisions. And that sentence include a few “me’s” and “I’s” but will still argue that it is not all me, me, me. Make up your own mind and come to your own conclusions.

In doing so you might to browse some social or political art.

Or if your thinking it doesn’t matter what the topic is because its all about taste, genre, style, medium etc… then I may do a write up about that. On MY blog 😉


Which I have now done:

Facebook: Democracy UK & Robin Hood Tax

Democracy UK followers: 305 000

Robin Hood Tax followers: 264 000

I’ve never been too great at the old bit mathematics but I would argue that it says a lot about the online community when the UK’s ‘page for politics’ only has abooouut 15% (?)  more followers than Robin Hood Tax.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an excellent thing that people are tuning into the workings of the nation but considering Downing Street was willing to look into stripping  London rioters of their benefits with only 100,000 people backing it, why are campaigns like The Robin Hood Tax going virtually unnoticed?

Either way, keep up the good work in taking notice and being aware. Let’s translate Facebook ‘likes’ into votes.


Here are a few more to go liking.



Rest In Peace, The King Blues…

The King Blues have split. Sad, sad day.

Zane Lowe interview.


Brand Spanking New! Get your ‘structure’ of tomorrow, today!

Keeping in line with the Sol Revo Evo outlook, consumerist tactics need to be deployed.

The term bombardment has been used when describing the “business communities” marketing tactics and flood of information.

A business’s  reason for being is profit, first and foremost. Ahead of any community or charity work, they want money.

If a business’s reason for being is community (local and/or global) then its sharing, advertising, marketing or promoting is a drop in the ocean of information that’s out there.

This is why we have to apologise to you, the reader for using an eye-catching, if not slightly shit but deceptive title for this post.   We will stay true to our word though. However, our exclusive product offer is just an idea. We are just offering a few visual aides help you see the new structures…

See if you can see your own connections.

All sourced from Trap

The UK’s Big Brother? aka Communications Capabilities Development Programme

Now there might very well be a reason why it does not have a catchy name like ‘Big Brother’ but like it or not the Communications Capabilities Development Programme is the closest thing we have to it many are now saying.

Will this programme be of any benefit to the UK public? They do claim this but is there a hidden side?  Will it be of any more benefit to other people? Say big business?

As we do not know much about the legalities or the ‘ins and outs’ of the programme (which is due to be included in the queens speech next month) then people are perfectly within their right to be suspicious.

If they want transparency from us then we want the same from them. A reasonable request.

Below will be a series of websites which will basically be some of the first pages from googling it. Have a little look over if you’ve not already decided on signing the following.

Petitions against the Communications Capabilities Development Programme (aka Big Brother)

Petition from Avaaz                                   

Petition from the Government itself

Wikipedia for an overview fbp

What the Home Office Claims            

FAQ on the programme    

Criticism:  “.. it’s the advertisers and politicians sitting on a gold mine.”