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Reggie Watt a guy – TED Performance

There either isn’t too much to be said on this or too much to be said on this but this post just to so say watch, laugh. philosophize and be entertained. Very cool.


Word up! Using other’s for your own use

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TED  pledge to bring you ideas worth sharing. Often these ideas come in the form of presentations and lectures from academia. Despite the information being tremendiously important, concerning and useful to, lets face it, humanity, sometimes the ideas being expressed may be tedious.

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Make no mistake though, this video is still just one man talking on stage but the way he uses the words of so many others, from so many sources, is as entertaining and meaningful as the original sources.

This has been specificaly picked up and shared by Sol Revo Evo because it uses connections and stitches together vast areas or expression for a united purpose.  That is exactly what this project is all about.

As we are on the topic of connections, here is another performer, connected by their use of the spoken word.

Myth of the suffering artist…

Interesting wee read. See what you think…

“If we follow this kind of thinking to its logical conclusion, we are about to encounter a tsunami of art from pensioners. They will be inspired by living below the poverty line and dying during cold winters. That, or their rage at having, perhaps, been part of the generation who saved the country from Nazism and created the welfare state, only to be screwed over when they’re at their most vulnerable by a parliament filled with self-obsessed looters.”

Van Gogh's Self-Portrait With Cut Ear

Lenny Bruce

“I didn’t do it man, I only said it” is perhaps a line that sums up Lenny Bruce better than any other. It was no doubt said in a cool, calm, New York jazz style voice as the officers of the NYPD led him into the back of a paddy wagon, the charge; most likely swearing or stage, taking a shot at the major religious establishments or general vulgarity. If the cops didn’t like what they heard Lenny was arrested. Lenny Bruce was a martyr for free speech and without him comedy and perhaps society in general, might just not have the same freedom to express how we feel about any issue.