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Wait, can’t we just keep eating?

Apparently not. Between global food shortagesgenetically modified food, destruction of the environment, and pesticides galore, its hardly surprising that many experts believe we are up shit creek. (That wasn’t a direct quote)

There are many answers circulating, some involving further human intervention but one in particular seems to provide answers on most if not all levels.

The ‘movement’ is called permaculture.





See what you make of BBC’s Farm for the future. It helps to bring many issues into light


Anonymous Activists – The Mystery Continues….

Anonymous. What a topic. The, ‘brothers and sisters’ are mysterious, ambitious and have a very interesting presence and style. I can see why the aesthetic of their videos and imagery can seem appealing. It is important to remember not be drawn in by this alone. Critics of anonymous argue that people seem to be following them, ‘’like sheep,’’ caught up in the, ‘’stick it to the man’’ attitude. In this argument followers of Anonymous are played out as hypocrites.  

                                                                                             I think the true thing to remember however, is that Anonymous don’t necessarily have a, ‘’stick it to the man’’ attitude and are always encouraging people to think for themselves as they are not united under one solid ideology or faith etc. Their targets are decided in a democratic fashion on their forums and any peaceful attack on a corporation is backed up with reason and in the case of Sony, backed up by demands. These reasons have a tendency to relate directly to restrictions of freedom and perverse actions of justice.

Anonymous claims to be a unification of people believing in a flexible idea of activism, as oppose to a fixed group or super-hacktivists that mainstream media likes to portray. Does this mean that I am a member for agreeing with their actions to date? Or are you a member for not disagreeing? I would not consider myself a member but they have no members, so until the day they carry out actions that I disagree with, I have no choice. I am anonymous by default. This way of thinking about it is shown clearly in the, ‘’How to Join’’ video.

Watch some of their videos and make up your own mind. In browsing a few of them you will probably come across ‘The Plan.’ This is another very intriguing aspect of Anonymous and phase 2 and 3 of ‘the plan’ should be interesting to say the least. Again, find out for yourselves. Make up your own mind.

Waking Life

Excellent film. It is hard to describe what the film is about because its not really about anything in particular, but more about everything. A man travels through a series of conversations in a supposed dream state.  The animation can be incredibly real at times, but throughout warps and changes, blurring distinctions between reality and the dream state. Makes for some mind provoking entertainment.