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Quick simplification of UK economics

Can be found in the first paragraph of this article:

From The Guardian


Mumford and Sons: Tour with a difference

These guys could and have sold out arenas and big gig venues, but their new tour defies an agenda based on maximising profit. It’s got locals in mind.

Mumford & sons on stage

Their upcoming UK tour over May and June 2012 will see them play small venues who don’t usually get the chance to experience bands with this much success.

In an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 6 the band likened each tour date as a mini festival, seeing it as a celebration of a particular place. This is then furthered by joining other bands to play smaller gigs (could maybe be considered more jam sessions) at local pub’s etc.

To find out the details, dates and venues check out their website and this link.



The UK’s Big Brother? aka Communications Capabilities Development Programme

Now there might very well be a reason why it does not have a catchy name like ‘Big Brother’ but like it or not the Communications Capabilities Development Programme is the closest thing we have to it many are now saying.

Will this programme be of any benefit to the UK public? They do claim this but is there a hidden side?  Will it be of any more benefit to other people? Say big business?

As we do not know much about the legalities or the ‘ins and outs’ of the programme (which is due to be included in the queens speech next month) then people are perfectly within their right to be suspicious.

If they want transparency from us then we want the same from them. A reasonable request.

Below will be a series of websites which will basically be some of the first pages from googling it. Have a little look over if you’ve not already decided on signing the following.

Petitions against the Communications Capabilities Development Programme (aka Big Brother)

Petition from Avaaz                                             http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_the_big_brother_law_a/?

Petition from the Government itself  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29983

Wikipedia for an overview fbphttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communications_Capabilities_Development_Programme

What the Home Office Claims                      http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/counter-terrorism/communications-data/

FAQ on the programme              https://www.privacyinternational.org/blog/faq-the-communications-capabilities-development-programme

Criticism:  “.. it’s the advertisers and politicians sitting on a gold mine.”                                                    http://www.techpowerup.com/160944/UK-Govt.-s-Idea-of-quot-Communications-Capabilities-Development-quot-Monitoring-IP-Traffic.html

It’s Big… Global Occupations Against Greed

You may or may not be aware of the mass protests and occupations taking place all over the world in major cities against global greed among the business community. The BBC refers to it being “against ‘alleged’ corporate greed”.  They however, meant the word ‘alleged’ most seriously. I respect that they are meant to give an unbiased report, but isn’t there overwhelming evidence that this greed is fact? Also, how often do you actually get unbiased reports in the news?

All that aside, at the very least the mainstream news are reporting the matter. And that has to be a good thing. There was mass anger when the mainstream news channels in the US refused to report anything on the occupation of Wall Street, now in its 32nd day, or the thousands who protested on the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was this Wall Street occupation that ignited the spark for it to take place all over the world. Here in the UK there are currently around 3000 in London.

A heads up for Edinburgers also to keep an eye for our very own occupiers in St. Andrews Square. They encourage you to have a chat with them and see what they are all about.

Here’s a few news stories to have a browse…