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Quick simplification of UK economics

Can be found in the first paragraph of this article:

From The Guardian


Solidarity with Tacheles in Berlin

Artists from the Tacheles art community shout slogans from behind a gate

FULL ARTICLE, FROM THE GUARDIAN: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/mar/25/berlin-bohemian-artists-kunsthaus

Tacheles in Berlin is in danger. What is Tacheles?


If you have ever been to Tacheles you will know its character, uniqueness and (sorry for the holiday brochure cliche but…) excellent vibe. The use ‘vibe’ is not to be taken lightly.

It will be yet another catastrophic blow for the arts if this place goes.


Myth of the suffering artist…

Interesting wee read. See what you think…

“If we follow this kind of thinking to its logical conclusion, we are about to encounter a tsunami of art from pensioners. They will be inspired by living below the poverty line and dying during cold winters. That, or their rage at having, perhaps, been part of the generation who saved the country from Nazism and created the welfare state, only to be screwed over when they’re at their most vulnerable by a parliament filled with self-obsessed looters.”

Van Gogh's Self-Portrait With Cut Ear