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Brand Spanking New! Get your ‘structure’ of tomorrow, today!

Keeping in line with the Sol Revo Evo outlook, consumerist tactics need to be deployed.

The term bombardment has been used when describing the “business communities” marketing tactics and flood of information.

A business’s ¬†reason for being is profit, first and foremost. Ahead of any community or charity work, they want money.

If a business’s reason for being is community (local and/or global) then its sharing, advertising, marketing or promoting is a drop in the ocean of information that’s out there.

This is why we have to apologise to you, the reader for using an eye-catching, if not slightly shit but deceptive title for this post. ¬† We will stay true to our word though. However, our exclusive product offer is just an idea. We are just offering a few visual aides help you see the new structures…

See if you can see your own connections.

All sourced from Trap