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Wait, can’t we just keep eating?

Apparently not. Between global food shortages,¬†genetically modified food, destruction of the environment, and pesticides galore, its hardly surprising that many experts believe we are up shit creek. (That wasn’t a direct quote)

There are many answers circulating, some involving further human intervention but one in particular seems to provide answers on most if not all levels.

The ‘movement’ is called permaculture.





See what you make of BBC’s Farm for the future. It helps to bring many issues into light


Waking Life

Excellent film. It is hard to describe what the film is about because its not really about anything in particular, but more about everything. A man travels through a series of conversations in a supposed dream state.  The animation can be incredibly real at times, but throughout warps and changes, blurring distinctions between reality and the dream state. Makes for some mind provoking entertainment.