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Wait, can’t we just keep eating?

Apparently not. Between global food shortagesgenetically modified food, destruction of the environment, and pesticides galore, its hardly surprising that many experts believe we are up shit creek. (That wasn’t a direct quote)

There are many answers circulating, some involving further human intervention but one in particular seems to provide answers on most if not all levels.

The ‘movement’ is called permaculture.





See what you make of BBC’s Farm for the future. It helps to bring many issues into light


It’s Big… Global Occupations Against Greed

You may or may not be aware of the mass protests and occupations taking place all over the world in major cities against global greed among the business community. The BBC refers to it being “against ‘alleged’ corporate greed”.  They however, meant the word ‘alleged’ most seriously. I respect that they are meant to give an unbiased report, but isn’t there overwhelming evidence that this greed is fact? Also, how often do you actually get unbiased reports in the news?

All that aside, at the very least the mainstream news are reporting the matter. And that has to be a good thing. There was mass anger when the mainstream news channels in the US refused to report anything on the occupation of Wall Street, now in its 32nd day, or the thousands who protested on the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was this Wall Street occupation that ignited the spark for it to take place all over the world. Here in the UK there are currently around 3000 in London.

A heads up for Edinburgers also to keep an eye for our very own occupiers in St. Andrews Square. They encourage you to have a chat with them and see what they are all about.

Here’s a few news stories to have a browse…





The Empathic Civilization

This is a short illustrated video (though it seems almost animated) produced by The RSA. It is based on a presentation given Jeremy Rifkin and could, in part, summarize what SolRevoEvo stands for and its reasons for doing so.