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Wait, can’t we just keep eating?

Apparently not. Between global food shortagesgenetically modified food, destruction of the environment, and pesticides galore, its hardly surprising that many experts believe we are up shit creek. (That wasn’t a direct quote)

There are many answers circulating, some involving further human intervention but one in particular seems to provide answers on most if not all levels.

The ‘movement’ is called permaculture.





See what you make of BBC’s Farm for the future. It helps to bring many issues into light


Save BBC Four – Petition

BBC Four is a lifeline for thought-provoking drama and documentary. However, it is just one more part of the UK’s cultural resources that are under threat from tory cuts. The petition in the link below takes about 30 seconds to sign (if that) to sign which could help save BBC Four.


There are many petitions like this going on around the country on all different levels, for all different causes. Of course people will sign the petitions on topics close to heart and hope that emphasis put on their importance will save them. 

What is imporant to remember however, is that these cuts do not need to happen. The tax breaks given to the highest earners in the country could easily raise the money to stop every single cut that has occured in the UK since our Con-Dem coaliton came into power. If we were to tax 1penny in every £1000 of international bank transactions, we could generate billions if not hundreds of billions. This is the idea of Robin Hood Tax but it is just one of many ideas out there that focus on bringing about mass change to our society.