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Anaheim, California – Apparent state of emergency?

Apparently Anaheim in California is in a state of emergency. We have supposed reports, photo’s and video’s of army in the streets, police brutality and violation of residents. I have found reports on the situation from the Huffington Post and some video footage from the CNN with no actual reporting. But from what I gather it bares a striking resemblance to England last year.

The report’s and video’s have been coming through in dribs and drabs and even my attempt at googling the situation for any official reports on how it has escalated to military¬†presence¬†on the streets of the ‘Land of the Free’ have brought me nothing other than all the information I need on the Anaheim Salvation Army.



Mumford and Sons: Tour with a difference

These guys could and have sold out arenas and big gig venues, but their new tour defies an agenda based on maximising profit. It’s got locals in mind.

Mumford & sons on stage

Their upcoming UK tour over May and June 2012 will see them play small venues who don’t usually get the chance to experience bands with this much success.

In an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 6 the band likened each tour date as a mini festival, seeing it as a celebration of a particular place. This is then furthered by joining other bands to play smaller gigs (could maybe be considered more jam sessions) at local pub’s etc.

To find out the details, dates and venues check out their website and this link.