Knowing and thinking you know

In this case I am thinking about the internet.

That Kony video popped out a few weeks ago creating a storm. I have to say I re-posted it. It was interesting, empowering and above all it just seemed right. It was hard to overlook the whole Hollywood good guy, bad guy, hey-ho America-ness of it all, but then like i said, it just seemed right.

Then it received massive amounts of criticism and other questions were being asked and quite rightly. What are the Ugandan military track records on human rights? Why are the appeals going out to American politicians and not African?  I’m sure you can find the rest on a lot of sites.

But… this does call into question the use of the internet. Why am I using it to repost things I deem relevant and am I right in doing so? What criticism would Sol Revo Evo get if it got any more than 5 views per post. And whats the point in even posting if only 5 people view it?

I may as well give up. That was a lie. I do this ’cause it’s fun and I want people to know what I know. The same reason I browse the internet to know what they know. Then we can all make the best and informed decision.

Here’s a little video stimulate answers to some of those questions…


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