In a profit driven world, how do we know what is in our best interest?

SolRevoEvo’s main interest is to use the arts and media to project and spread alternative ideas. It is driven by ideas that are People based.

Topics addressed could include the arts, government, philosophy, science, social issues, environment, war, that old chestnut. Also anything else brought to the table that could contribute to addressing issues in a society that needs it.

We want you to be involved, even if it is just by liking our Facebook group, where new topics and work will be posted. From this you can give your opinion or just be updated with new work and ideas floating around SolRevoEvo.

In a bid to show people the other side of the coin, as well as utilizing the new sharing power of the internet, our tactics may include pamphlets, events, exhibitions, protests, graffiti, music, film, sculpture… and the list goes on depending on who gets involved. Whether creating these or just covering the topics, we want to unite groups, companies and People from the arts and media who focus the questioning of our society and all its features.

If you have any comments, want to be involved or think you can help in any way let us know. We are local to Edinburgh so if you are in the area definitely get involved, if not, get involved anyway.


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